Universal protectant of seed grain Grain-Saver


„LLP”, LTD. offers a universal protectant of seed grain Grain-Saver.

Grain-Saver is used for seed treatment of cereals with protectant and processing of organic grain seed before sowing.

Grain-Saver is a simple and easy-to-use seed protectant, which is installed on a grain screw conveyer.

Grain-Saver can be purchased together with the screw conveyer or you can use the screw conveyer existing on a farm, the length of which shall not be less than 3 meters.

Grain-Saver ensures accurate and equal protectant`s spray over seed grain, which is provided by:

  1. 5 sprayers (amount of protectant needed per 1 ton of seed grain can vary, so 5 different sizes of sprayers are included in the set to meet the needs of each customer).
  2. A pressure regulator (ensures even distribution of pressure, which allows more accurate spraying of seed by protectant)
  3. A dosing cup (since the density of protectant may vary, the dosing cup is used to adjust the dosing system, allowing you to choose the suitable size of a sprayer and adjust the pressure. Measure in a dosing cup, which comes together with Grain Mix, how much of protectant is sprayed per 1 minute before the beginning of the process of seed treatment to select the right sprayer and proper pressure).
  4. A membrane pump with connection of 230 V or 12 V (together with a 3-meter cable)

Productivity (power of seed treatment) of Grain-Saver is to 12 tons/hour

Advantages of Grain-Saver:

  • Simplicity and convenience of use
  • Easy to install
  • Qualitatively prepares seed grain
  • Ability to treat a large amount of seeds
  • Not necessary to dilute protectant with a large amount of water
  • Ability to use the screw conveyer existing on a farm, which is installed on Grain mix and the seed preparing is carried out
  • Very good price, available for both large and small farms.